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The ICS in conjunction with the Venezuelan Society of Urology will be hosting a one day education course in Valencia. The course will add on to the Venezuelan Society of Urology’s annual meeting, which takes place between 25-28th July and will be held at the Convention Centre, Hesperia Hotel.


The local coordinators are Luis Caricote, Alberto Paez and Fernando Giordano.

The ICS speakers for this event are Andrea Marques, Patrick Woodman and Ajay Single. The topics that they will be discussing are below:


  • Andrea Marques

v Physical therapies for urinary incontinent from the young adult to elderly patient

v Pelvic floor anatomy and functions; several muscles & several functions


  • Patrick Woodman

v Midurethral slings, which one in what patient

v Vaginal surgery: apical support is always necessary in repeat repair?

v Pelvic organ prolapse approaches to surgery ... always mesh or mesh or no  mesh selectively

v Specific Complications alter transvaginal mesh kits Repair with: how to Prevent? How to manage?


  • Ajay Singla

v Keynote address – voiding dysfunction

v Urge or Stress incontinent, how much is urodynamics necessary?

v Management of failed slings

v Dysfunctional voiding: the (new) IUGA/ ICS definition, is that a diagnosis and I we have to do treatment


For more information please see the below link entitled Course Information for a copy of the event programme.

For more information please contact Luis Caricote; luisfelipe1364@yahoo.com

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