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Female pelvic floor dysfunction in the Mediterranean: a multidisciplinary approach

The ICS will be participating in the forthcoming the AIUG Associazione Italiana di Urologia Ginecologica e del Pavimento Pelvico conference 2012 in Sicily. 

The ICS will be represented by Sherif Mourad and Mandy Wells. Sherif will be giving 4 keynote lectures:

·       Female Voiding Dysfunction

·       UI in women– Description, Types and Evaluation by ICS Algorithms

·       Urodynamic studies for female UI

·       Surgical treatment of genito-urinary fistulae in women

Mandy will be giving 3 keynote lectures:

·       Conservative management of POP

·       Prevention of UI in women

·       Conservative management of female Stress UI 

For more information on these lectures please see the below link for a copy of the full programme.

For further information please contact Ambra Milani a_milani@comevents.it

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