27 - 29 September 2017

Tlaxcala , Mexico





ICS Guest Lecture Urogenital Apparatus: Neurogenic and degenerative pathologies


The ICS will be attending the University of Tlaxcala Urogenital Apparatus: Neurogenic and degenerative pathologies course. This course will take place between 27-29th September 2017, at the University of Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala City.

The local chairs for this event are Yolanda Cruz Gómez, Margot S. Damaser, Dora Luz Corona and Alvaro Munoz. ICS will be represented by Margot Damaser and Michael Ruggieri. The speakers and their sessions are:

Margot Damaser:

  • Neuroregenerative stimulation after a pelvic neuromuscular injury
  • A mouse model of dysfunctional connective tissue regeneration

Michael Ruggieri:

  • Sensory and motor reinnervation of the canine bladder
  • Animal models of bladder denervation and strategies for reinnervation

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For more information please contact Yolanda Cruz at cruzgomezy@yahoo.com.mx;cursoaug@yahoo.com.mx. Alternatively please contact Jenny at the ICS office: Jenny@ics.org

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