DAY 1: Friday 8 December 2017

07450800Official Opening and WelcomeSherif Mourad & Chris Payne
080012:30Section 1: Female incontinence A to Z
08000820Structured approach to bladder function/dysfunctionChris Payne
08200845Efficient evaluation of the incontinent womanHolly Richter
08450910Pharmacologic therapyAlan Wein
09100930Conservative measures for female SUI--PFMT/biofeedback & devicesDiane Newman
09301000Primary interventions for SUI & ISD--slings and thingsMike Kennelly, Sherif Mourad, Vani Dandolu
10001030Q&A and/or Cases for the panelAll Faculty
10301100Coffee Break
11001125When have conservative measures failed in OAB?Alan Wein
11251145Botox injections 2017: indications and techniqueSherif Mourad
11451215Neuromodulation in 2017- PTNS, InterStim, the futureMike Kennelly
12151245Q&A and OAB cases for the panelAll Faculty
12451345Lunch Break
13451745Section 2: Miscellaneous problems in Female Pelvic Medicine
13451415IC/BPS: The Emperor has no clothesChris Payne
14151445Nocturia: a nonurological perspectiveJeannette Potts
14451515Bladder trauma and fistulaSherif Mourad
15151545Fecal incontinence: practical evaluation and managementHolly Richter
15451615Coffee Break
16151645ICS Good Urodynamic Practice UpdateChris Payne
16451715Problem solving cases in UrodynamicsPanel
17151745Questions & wrap-up day 1Panel
18001930Congress reception in hall with sponsors

DAY 2: Saturday 9 December 2017

07150815Industry Sponsored Symposium
08300845Greeting and Summary of day 1Sherif Mourad & Chris Payne
08451045Section 3: Neurogenic Bladder- Keep the patient safe and dry
08450915Evaluation of Neurogenic Voiding Dysfunction & ICS AlgorithmAlan Wein
09150945Who are the patients--Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, StrokeMike Kennelly
09451015Basic Management: Balancing safety and convenience for the patientDiane Newman
10151045Advanced Management: Destroyed outlet and diversionsSherif Mourad
10451115Coffee Break
11151215Section 4: Pelvic floor evaluation
11151145Surgical Anatomy Incontinence and ProlapseVani Dandolu
11451215Functional Anatomy Incontinence and PainJeannette Potts
12151315Lunch Break
13151700Section 5: Pelvic organ prolapse
13151355Native tissue vaginal repairsHolly Richter
13551425Role of mesh repairs in 2017Vani Dandolu
14251455Preventing and managing mesh complicationsMike Kennelly
14551525Coffee Break
15251600Urethral challenges: caruncle, diverticuli, stricture, etc.Chris Payne
16001640Q&A, case presentationsPanel
16401700Closing remarksSherif Mourad & Chris Payne

Programme subject to change

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