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Wednesday 12 December
10:00IntroductionSherif MouradAuditorium
10:10Aspects of the ProblemSherif MouradAuditorium
10:25Anatomical Consideration and Surgical PrinciplesMohamed YassinAuditorium
10:40Classification of VVFAhmed SaafanAuditorium
10:55Surgical Repair of VVFSakineh HajibrahimiAuditorium
11:10Complications of Surgery and Surgical TipsSherif MouradAuditorium
11:30Fibrin GlueAhmed SaafanAuditorium
11:40Cases PresentationsAhmed FaroukAuditorium
13:00Operating Case # 1Sherif MouradHospital OR 1
13:00Operating Case # 2Ahmed SaafanHospital OR 2
15:00Operating Case # 3Mohamed YassinHospital OR 1
15:00Operating Case # 4Ahmed FaroukHospital OR 2
17:00Back to Hotel
19:00Group Dinner
Thursday 13 December
08:00Operating Case # 5Sherif MouradHospital OR 1
08:00Operating Case # 6Sakineh HajibrahimiHospital OR 2
10:00Operating Case # 7Ahmed SaafanHospital OR 1
10:00Operating Case # 8Mohamed YassinHospital OR 2
14:00Operating Case # 9Ahmed FaroukHospital OR 1
14:00Operating Case # 10Sakineh HajibrahimiHospital OR 2
16:00Operating Case # 11Ahmed SaafanHospital OR 1
16:00Operating Case # 12Mohamed YassinHospital OR 2
18:00Back to Hotel
19:30Group Dinner
Friday 14 December
08:00Operating Case # 13Sherif MouradHospital OR 1
08:00Operating Case # 14Ahmed FaroukHospital OR 2
10:30Postoperative Follow upSakineh HajibrahimiLounge
10:45Conclusion of ProceduresAhmed SaafanLounge
11:00Comments of ParticipantsAllLounge
11:30Certificates & Group PhotosAllLounge
18/09/2020 15:00:19
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