21 - 22 June 2019

Izmir, Turkey





2nd Functional Urologic Surgery Course with 3D Models and Fresh Frozen Cadavers


2nd functional urologic surgery Course with 3d printed models and Fresh-frozen cadavers.

This course is an advanced masterclass on anatomy and Surgery using 3d-printed models and fresh-frozen cadavers in collaboration with ICS Institute, School of Modern Technology.

The course will take place at Ege University, Faculty of Medicine, Anatomy Lab.

The course directors and trainers are:

  • Alex DIGESU, MD-PhD, Urogynecology Subspecialist
  • Yasser FARAHAT, MD-PhD, FEBU, FRCS, Professor of Urology
  • Emre HURI, MD-PhD, FEBU, Urologist-Anatomist, Associate Professor of Urology
  • Sherif MOURAD, MD-PhD, Professor of Urology

Anatomy Supervisor and Trainer:

  • Okan BILGE, MD, Anatomist, Professor of Anatomy
  • Ilkan TATAR, MD, Anatomist, Associate Professor of Anatomy
  • Servet ÇELIK, MD, Anatomist, Associate Professor of Anatomy
  • Ilker SELÇUK, MD, Onco-Gynecologist

Course Overwiew/Scope:

Learning and teaching activities of surgical procedures on female and male pelvic anatomic/functional pathologies, techniqual tips and tricks, usage of technologic tools, anatomic pelvic dissection and pelvic organ identifi cations, materials for surgery,
complications and problem solving, 3D printed models, and interactive discussions.

Download the course programme here.

For more information on this course or to register email: info@eraorganization.org

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