10 - 13 October 2019

Antalya, Turkey





Joint ICS-Turkish Urological Association Urology education course


ICS will be hosting a joint course at the Turkish Urological Association annual meeting. The meeting will take place at the Rixos Sungate Hotel in Antalya.

The ICS speaker for this event is Charalampos Konstantinidis. The topics and speakers for this event are as follows:

  • Current management strategies for neurogenic bladder: Rizwan Hamid
  • Panel: Case Based Discussions: suprasacral SCI, infrasacral SCI, MS, Parkinson’s patient, Transverse myelitis, cauda equina syndrome. Moderator: Rizwan Hamid
    - Panel: Rahmi Onur, Charalampos Konstanidis, Cenk Gürbüz
  • DEBATE: Do we need urodynamics for neuro-urology patients?
    YES: Murat Dinçer
    NOT everytime: Ahmet Karakeçi
  • ICS standardization for current state of the management of Neuro-urology patients: Charalampos Konstanidis.
    Chairmen: Charalampos Konstanidis, Osman Köse
  • Emerging / Future options – what is new in neuro-urology: Rizwan Hamid
  • Treatment of patients with neurogenic LUT dysfunction: Case discussions by urodynamic study examples. Rizwan Hamid, Charalampos Konstanidis, Kadir Önem

To view a copy of the full meeting programme please click here.

For more information and registration please contact uroturk@uroturk.org.tr or visit the congress homepage http://www.uroloji2019.com/

To register for the course please click here. Should you need any additional assistance please contact Jenny at the ICS office; Jenny@ics.org

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