14 - 14 November 2019

Hyderabad, India





ICS Guest Lecture, Advances in Urogynaecology 2019


ICS Guest Lecture, Advances in Urogynaecology 2019, Hyderabad, India, 14th November, 2019

ICS will be speaking at the forthcoming ‘Advances in Urogynaecology’ meeting in Hyderabad, India. This event will take place on 14th November
To view a copy of the full meeting programme please click here.
To download a copy of the course flyer, click here.

The ICS speakers will be:
• Ulrich Mehnert
• Jure Tornic
• Pawan Vasudeva

Speaking on the following topics:

History and Clinical NeuroGynaecourological examination
• Non Invasive Urodynamics
• Indications of Invasive Urodynamics in Female Urology
• Filling Cystometry
• Voiding Cystometry
• Artefacts in Urodynamics
• Case discussions

For more information and to registration see https://upiaindia.org/aiug2019/

Should you need any additional assistance please contact Jenny at the ICS office; Jenny@ics.org

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