Dispute of Quality of Material

If any ICS official content is of concerning Quality and Ethics to the point that the observers believe it needs to be removed from ICS TV or the website. In addition, we envision providing the ability in the near future for all to comment on material even if removal is not recommended.

Continence Article Content
• Letter to the Editor of Continence if concerning publication therein.

ICS Online Content (filmed or written content)
• Advise the ICS Office
• Advise the Relevant Committee for content.
• Advise IT for technical quality.
• Advise Ethics Committee if Ethical Concern.
• If unsatisfactory resolution, then appeal to Education Committee and Board of Trustees, and original approving bodies.
• The creator of the content must be notified of removal. Appeals may be made to the Board of Trustees, who can appoint Committees and reviewers to address.

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