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Education course outside the annual scientific meeting

The purpose of this document is to act as a standard operating protocol for the administration and organisation of an ICS educational course or ICS Guest Lecture which occurs outside the Annual Scientific meeting. The contents are a general guide to operation and are not intended to be either exhaustive or all-inclusive. The Education Committee of the ICS is responsible, under the authority of the committee Chairman for the organisation of all educational courses run under the auspices of the ICS. The Education committee reports to the Board of Trustees of the ICS with regard to this function.

The overarching strategy for the ICS educational courses is to provide accessible, low cost education for younger professionals; to encourage and promote multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary collaboration and education; to reach developing world audiences and additionally to promote the ICS and its activities and mission.

Role of Education Committee
The Education Committee will consider the received application against the agreed strategy of the Board of Trustees; the nature of recent courses held in that region , future courses agreed, political considerations, cost, educational value, ICS staff attendance, multi-disciplinary options, etc. and make a recommendation to proceed, or not. The Education Committee will also review the appropriateness, expertise and multidisciplinary representation of any speakers and begin the process of selection (unless suggested by host). Speakers are identified with reference to the speaker faculty database where possible and speakers should be qualified experts on the subject matter to be presented.
Suitably qualified means expertise in the subject as determined by any or all of: relevant clinical experience, a recent and relevant publication record, or evidence of well received presentations in a similar area. The Chair of the Education Committee shall have final say.

Please note, ICS members can only speak on behalf of ICS (funded) once per year. But there are no restrictions on the number of times a member a speak unfunded, on behalf of ICS.

Stage Action Comment
Expression of interest The ICS “Educational Activity Guidelines” (Course and Speaker Application) will be maintained in an easily accessible place on the ICS website here and will be downloadable for interested parties. On request this is sent to any interested parties Please see the Education Committee homepage for information on this year's courses.
Application stage Completed application form returned to ICS office along with supporting documents ICS Office checks application form and logs interest. Office also checks any budget request and speaker requests.
Application pre-approval Application is sent to Chair of Education Committee for initial approval
Application approval After initial approval the application and supporting documentation is added to the Education Committee forum with an approximate budget. Any relevant committees are informed ICS office adds to forum and advise relevant committee
Post application approval The Course is confirmed as appropriate. A detailed programme is developed. Any subjects which match an existing educational Module will have to use the ICS Standardised Slides. Modifications require approval. Speakers are confirmed. Budget is finalised. The ICS office will administer the process and manage information and requests effectively
Speaker invite Speakers are contacted to check their availability, arrange travel. The ICS faculty etiquette document is sent to the speakers. Travel in accordance with ICS Policy
Implementation The ICS office will officially promote the course on the ICS website and via ICS publications. The ICS office will be responsible for ensuring that the ICS course is appropriately advertised in promotional material.
Management In close collaboration with the course host, or their representative, the ICS office staff will assist in the management including speaker and course host communication, collection of course materials, organisation of local hotels and transfers. The ICS office will inform the Education Committee of any significant changes.
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