ICS Endorsement


This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) outlines the approval process which the ICS undertakes when an endorsement is requested.

Types of Endorsements:

  1. Endorsing a document: Documents previously prepared by the author(s) can be submitted to the ICS. By endorsing the document / report the ICS recognises it as credible scientific output with high quality supporting evidence, that it uses ICS Terminology and that fits with ICS SOPs.

  2. Endorsement of a course/event or website: Where the use of the ICS logo is requested for marketing purposes. This type of endorsement can be considered when the ICS is not providing a speaker and the programme and speakers are already fixed by the local organising committee. The ICS will charge a fee for this endorsement unless waived by the Education Committee or Board of Trustees.

  3. Collaboration/partnership: When there is a request for collaboration in the production of a document, e.g. consensus document, white paper, systematic reviews, clinical practice guidelines or best practice recommendations created by individuals, a society or group of societies.

If this applies then please refer to the SOP on Collaboration with External Societies - see here.

After receiving a request for endorsement, a screening review will be conducted by the Board of Trustees and in certain instances, ICS committees/ members. The overarching strategy for endorsement by ICS is to:
• to strengthen or develop strategic partnerships with similar or aligned organisations.
• to encourage and promote multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary collaboration and education.
• provide education for professionals who may not normally attend the ICS Annual Meeting.
• to prevent siloed reproduction of work.
• to promote the ICS, its mission and its activities.
• to support public benefit in line with the charitable objectives of ICS.

Stage Action Comment
Expression of interest ICS Office receives request for endorsement.
Application stage If it is a document, the Board of Trustees identifies which group within the ICS should review the content. Course/event or website endorsement requests are sent to the Education Committee. The group could be a committee or a group of individuals who are ICS members.
Application approval The document is reviewed by the relevant body and constructive comments are provided. If major suggestions are made these are sent back to the applicant at this stage. If the document does not meet ICS endorsement standards, it will be returned with either a denial or a statement to the effect of “ICS affirms the value but denies official endorsement” If it is a course endorsement the Education Committee will be requested to review the application. The review period is either set by the applicant or within 2 weeks.
Final Approval The final document to be endorsed is signed off by the Board of Trustees. If a course endorsement is approved by the Education Committee, an invoice is issued for payment and the course can proceed to implementation stage. The Board of Trustees/Education Committee has to review and sign off within 2 weeks or within the applicant deadline.
Implementation Once published, the ICS office will officially promote the document on the ICS website and via ICS publications. The ICS office will officially promote an approved course on the ICS website and via ICS publications and supply the applicant with the ICS logo for use.
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