Creating news articles for the ICS

This document has been designed to assist those who wish to develop a News Article for the ICS. It sets out the process to be followed to ensure a smooth process from inception to production.

An ICS news article is a short written piece which is then added to the ICS website and used within the eNews mailers and on social media platforms.

Examples of what would be a good fit for a news article include:
• A recent scientific article published in the previous three months from a peer-reviewed journal. It should be original research, not a review article or case series.
• Committee updates - from Chairs, committee members or Board of Trustees
• Annual meeting or ICS Course promotion
• General ICS promotion - including membership announcements, awards, deadlines, voting

General Information

  • The Publications and Communications Committee (PCC) manage the scientific and committee update articles. ICS promotional articles are managed by the office.
  • Best practices must be followed in avoiding brand names.
  • ICS standard terminology should be used throughout.
  • Where there is mention of any specific product a disclaimer should be added to the article
Stage Action Comment
Proposal Stage The Publications and Communications Committee (PCC), ICS Staff or Committee prepare proposal. This can be office staff, committee or ICS member who have decided to prepare a news article. ICS Office ensure no overlap with other articles.
Preparatory Stage Author(s) assigned and content is prepared
Content Review Stage Depending on content the PCC or the ICS office review and edit draft. Approved by PCC or ICS Office
Publication Stage Once approve news article is made live by ICS Office
Implementation Stage Once the content is finalised the news article is disseminated via the ICS website, social media and other outlets. See social media and news SOP for instructions.
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