Translating an ICS document


This document has been designed to assist those who wish to translate an existing ICS document. It sets out the process to be followed to ensure that the quality and accuracy of the document is retained.

Standard text for title of report for translated document submission to Continence.
• XXINSERT LANGUAGE i.e. Italian XX translation of International Continence Society (ICS) report on the standard for terminology for……
• XXINSERT LANGUAGE i.e. Italian XX translation of A Standard for Terminology in: A Report From the XXXX Working Group of the International Continence Society

Stage Action Comment
Proposal Stage Person contacts ICS Office to make the request. Note two translators are required. Note that an author of the paper cannot be one of the translators Prior to contact both translators do a literature and online search for any already-existing translations of the text/terminology
Permission Stage Appropriate person is contacted relevant to the document for approval to translate i.e. first author. If an ICS Standardisation Document then the whole SSC will be involved in the development of the validated translation. Board of Trustees and SSC are notified of project proposal. Translators agree that final version is to be made available on the ICS website.
Copyright Release If the document has been published in Continence or another Journal then permission is required if the translated document is to be republished in another (normally national) journal. Note there may be a fee to seek this approval from the Journals.
Preparatory Stage - Forward translation stage First translator undertakes “forward translation”, i.e. translate the English document into the new language. This document is forwarded to the ICS Office Please reflect the wording accurately, and do not change the terms, as they must faithfully reproduce the standardised definitions. The Second Translator must not be involved in this stage
Preparatory Stage - Back translation stage ICS Office forwards translated version to the second translator and the second Translator undertakes “back-translation”, i.e. translate the translated document from step 2 back into English. Second Translator emails the back-translated version to the ICS Office The second translator must translate the wording exactly as given in the translated document. They should not use their expert knowledge of professional terminology to put meaning back into a sentence if it is not in the translated version. The Second translator should not compare the back-translated terms against the original terminology. The First Translator must not be involved in this stage.
Revision stage ICS Office forwards back-translated version to either the appropriate author or the SSC to validate the back-translated version against the original. The selected member compares the back-translated version against the original. Any discrepancy should be reported.
Second Revision Stage The author or SSC member works with both Translators to resolve the areas requiring alteration and then is recirculated.
Final Review Stage Author or SSC forwards final version to ICS Office, who request approval by the Board of Trustees. It should be noted that the main author and those involved in the translation should be noted on the translated document
Sign off The Board of Trustees are to be notified that the process of translation has been adhered to and the document is ready for translation. If any Board member wishes to review the translated document then this is allowed. The Board of Trustees should sign off within 1 week or advise of any final adjustments needed.
Publication Stage Once approved by the Board of Trustees the paper can be sent for publication in the ICS Journal Continence or relevant publisher. Article submitted to Continence should clearly reference International Continence Society (ICS) and the Committee involved in the creation of the paper followed by the authors.
Implementation Stage Once completed the ICS office will disseminate the content via the ICS website, Institute, social media and other outlets.
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