Neurouropelviperineology Course 2. Evaluation


The ICS Neurourology Promotion Committee are pleased to release the next set of modules of the ICS Course on Neurouropelviperineology. Presented by Brigitte Schurch, Rizwan Hamid and Jalesh Paniker.

There are approximately 50 topics covered by the course in short, 10 minute modules. The content has been prepared by a range of ICS members and professions and we are pleased to announce the next 7 modules will be aired live via the ICS website.

The aims and objectives of the modules are:

1.To improve care and access to care of patients with neurogenic bladder and neurogenic pelvic disorders by the promotion of a multidisciplinary team approach with PMR physicians (physiatrists), neurologists, urologists, urogynaecologists, nurses and allied health professionals).
2.To promote a high level education programme in accordance with the objectives of the ICS Neurourology promotion committee
3 To give a modern, accessible at home and efficient tool by using a programme accessible online all over the world on the ICS website.

The "Evaluation" Modules was presented at 11:30 GMT on Friday, 14th January 2022, exclusive and free to ICS members.

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