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Would you like to host a nursing fellow?

Tuesday 07 Jan 2020 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS Nursing Committee is compiling a list of potential host organisations and mentors who would be willing to support ICS nursing fellowships. Currently ICS members organise their own fellowships and we recognise that this can be challenging for many nurses. Therefore, we are developing an approach to assist nurse members to identify and apply for fellowships in different institutions across the world.

ICS Fellowship Awards offer nurses the opportunity to develop their expertise by gaining specialist bladder or bowel skills in research, clinical practice or education at a centre of excellence, working with recognised experts. Fellowship placements last 2-4 weeks and are funded up to the equivalent of £5000 GBP. Any Nurse member of the ICS can apply for a Fellowship Award (after 1 year of membership). More information about the awards can be found below:

ICS Fellowships

At this stage we are not asking for formal commitments to host nursing fellows, rather we are identifying organisations and individuals who might be willing to host nursing fellows in the future. When an ICS nurse member applies for a fellowship there will be a process of determining suitability of mentor and organisation (in addition to identification of the fellow’s training needs), prior to application submission.

Once we have collated a list of potential hosts, ICS will make the list available to those nurses interested in applying for fellowship awards.

If you believe that you could mentor the right person, or support a fellowship within your organisation, please email: Tamara Dickinson or Amy Hunter

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