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ICS Hall of Fame - Kari Bø

Monday 27 Jan 2020 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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This week’s Hall of Fame member is Kari Bø!

We asked Kari for her top tips ahead of ICS 2020.

Name: Kari Bø

Profession: Physiotherapist, Exercise scientist

Biography: Professor, PhD Kari Bø, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NSSS), Oslo, Norway . Kari Bø is a trained physical therapist and exercise scientist. Kari had her PhD (Doctor of Science) in 1990 and was appointed professor of exercise science in 1997. Kari was elected pro-rector (vice head) of NSSS (a specialised university) 1998-2001 and rector (head) of the NSSS 2013-2017. Kari was the first vice president of the International Organization of Physical Therapists in Women’s Health, WCPT 1999-2007, and has been the vice president of the Norwegian Council for Physical Activity for 8 years, giving direct advice to the Norwegian Minister of Health on physical activity, fitness and health. In addition, Kari has been the vice president of the Norwegian Physiotherapy Association subgroup for Sport Physiotherapy 2003-2007. She holds a 20% position as project leader at Akershus University Hospital, Norway, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is a board member of “The pelvic floor Center” at the same hospital.

In 2016 Kari was awarded the International Continence Society Lifelong Achievement Award for her research and education on the pelvic floor and incontinence. In 2019 she was awarded as a honorary member of the Norwegian Physiotherapy Association for her work for physiotherapy in Norway and worldwide.

Which was your first ICS meeting: Bristol, 3rd - 5th September 1987

Why are you an ICS member: I attended my first ICS in Bristol, England in 1987 and thought it was a fantastic experience. Here I found academic people from different disciplines that were interested in the pelvic floor and where I could discuss anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, etiology, patophysiology, epidemiology and research methodology at a very high level. I had my first oral presentation in 1988 and have always enjoyed presenting and the following discussions. I always bring my students and we all learn a lot. Today, I have a lot of personal friends among the ICS members and it is always nice to meet and network at the annual meetings. As a member of the ICS I particularly will emphasize value of the work of the different standardisation committees. This is important for both clinicians and researchers. All disciplines need to speak the same language to understand each other and for the best of our patient.

Special ICS memories: I was terrified thinking of questions from Linda Cardozo, Paul Abrams and Stuart Stanton. The first who stood up was Linda, but she had a very supporting comment and question! I also truly enjoyed giving my first PFMT class at the first Montreal meeting. There were more than 200 participants and a long line of people outside the door who were unfortunately not allowed in.

Biggest influence: My first supervisors: urologists Bernt Kvarstein and Bjørn Klevmark. They were fantastic in helping, teaching and encouraging me.

The books you would recommend Physiotherapists read: The ICI books! Bø K, Berghmans B, van Kampen M, Mørkved S: Evidence based physical therapy for the pelvic floor. Bridging science and clinical practice.

If you could go back in time what advice would you give to yourself and why?: I think I have had a fantastic career and I would not do anything differently. It has been hard work and many hours, but it has also been very interesting and fun. The advice to young researchers is to work hard, publish and be within an international environment and with independent researchers who ask the good questions. For clinicians: stay true to evidence based practice and do not jump on new ideas before they have been tested in high quality RCTs. The patients deserve evidence based physical therapy!

Do you have any questions for Kari? Let us know!

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