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ICS Hall of Fame - Bernard Haylen

Monday 03 Feb 2020 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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This week’s Hall of Fame member is Bernard Halyen.

We asked Bernie for his top tips ahead of ICS 2020.

Name: Bernard Haylen

Profession: Urogynaecologist

Biography: Bernard Haylen is a Conjoint Professor of Urogynaecology at UNSW Sydney with degrees from Sydney and Liverpool (U.K.) Universities. Bernard has pelvic floor surgical practices at St Vincent’s and the Mater Hospitals, Sydney. Bernard has been very active in research and academic commitments over 33 years includes over 100 peer-reviewed publications attracting 6000 citations and chairing two International Society Committees on the Standardisation of Terminology (ICS 4 years; IUGA - 6 years). Bernard has pioneered numerous surgical procedures in Australia in his field.

Why are you an ICS member: I've been an ICS member for 33 years, commencing at the Bristol Meeting in 1987. ICS has meant academic stimulation and international camaraderie. It has represented a strong multidisciplinary forum for presenting research. ICS has the best reputation for the standardisation of terminology, a long-term interest of mine, to which I've been proud to contribute.

Which was your first ICS meeting: Bristol, 3rd - 5th September 1987

Biggest influence: John Sutherst in Liverpool was my MD supervisor (the same for around 7 others). He was a fine academic who encouraged precision in writing articles for Journals and Conference presentations. He was very affable and encouraging for research. Urologist David Golovsky in Sydney was very supportive such that I have practiced in rooms with 3 Urologists for over 30 years.

The one paper (or book/article/video) you must read/view: Readers seem to regard the 2010 Terminology for Female Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (Haylen et al) as a must-read with 3000 citations. I'm proud that this has provided the basis for 12 further female as well as 5 further male standardisation documents.

If you could go back in time what advice would you give to yourself and why?! I have no regrets about taking those opportunities that arise and working as hard as I can. I may have been more astute in reading the politics at times.

Do you have any questions for Bernard? Let us know!

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