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New Express Learning Native Tissue videos

Thursday 13 Feb 2020 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Watch the latest ICS express learning videos created by the School of Urogynaecology and Female & Functional Urology.

After a wave of mesh complications and the subsequent lawmaking in several countries, many surgeons, especially those trained at the height of mesh-based procedures, need to fill gaps in surgical offerings. Native tissue repairs are the core of what we have to offer our patients with stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse and may play a more important due to the controversies about mesh.

The School of Urogynaecology and Functional & Female Urology, in its aims to expand the repertoire of surgeons managing these conditions in the “post-mesh era”, now offers a series of high quality “how I do it”-videos on Native tissue repair. These videos were produced by a multidisciplinary and international faculty organised according to diagnosis and anatomic compartment. They were presented and discussed by a wide audience and a panel of renowned experts during a workshop held at the ICS meeting 2019 in Gothenburg. There are 19 videos in total which you can watch in full or in shortened version at the workshop.

Native Tissue videos

The playlist of videos include:

NumberVideo TitlePresenter
1ColpocleisisElise De
2Robotic-Assisted Sacral Colpopexy with autoglous fascia lataCR Powell and Mark Pickhardt
3Bilateral Colpopexy with vescio-vaginal fistula repairNiall Galloway
4High midline levator myorrhaphy for vault prolapse repairZimmern
5Autologous apical sling for level I and site-specific anterior repairPaulo Palma
6Surgical Video 13.1 Rectocele Repair with Levator MyorrhaphyPhilippe Zimmern
7Laparoscopic paravaginal repairGuenther Noe
8Novel paravaginal Cystocele repair technique: improving uopon anterior colporrhaphyL Rodriguez an David Ginsberg
9Surgical Video 20.1 Anterior Vaginal Wall Repair Using Autologous Fascia LataJL Oliver, Seth Choen, Shlomo Raz
10Vaginal paravaginal repair w anterior coporrhaphyElise De
11Anterior colporrhaphyPhilippe Zimmern
12AVWS for SUI ass. Variable Deg Ant ProlPhilippe Zimmern
13Autologous Mid Urethral SlingPawan Vasuveda
14Autoglous fascial pubovaginal sling: contemporary techniqueJerry Blaivas
15Autologous pubovaginal sling revisitedPaulo Palma and Cassio Riccetto
16Fascia Lata SlingPhilippe Zimmern
17Surgical Video 4.2 Robotic Burch ColposuspensionTim Suttle MD, Ajay Singla MD
18Laproscopic Colosuspension Extraperitoneal ApproachGherghe, Guerrero and Tyagi
19Burch ColposuspensionPhillippe Zimmern

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