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ICS Education Committee seeks Non-surgical Clinical OR Surgical Colorectal MD representative

Thursday 16 Apr 2020 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS Education Committee is calling for a co-opted Non- surgical clinical OR Colorectal MD (or gastroenterologist working in lower GI and/or anorectal dysfunction) representative.

The role of the ICS Education Committee is to oversee all educational activities and online educational content within the ICS according to the SOPs. This includes:

• Selecting courses and workshops at ICS Annual Scientific Meetings.
• Approving stand-alone and add-on ICS Educational Courses including funding allocation for travel
• Approving ICS Lectures at meetings and via the internet including funding allocation for filming
• Creating relevant faculty development activities within the ICS.
• Facilitating the development of educational materials and e-learning according to the SOPs
• The committee is also responsible for the educational quality of all activities

Click Here to review the Committee Terms of Reference

Please note: A co-opted committee position is an appointment by the committee chair and is not an official committee position; therefore the individual in this position cannot vote on committee matters.

Please complete the application form and return it to the ICS office by 1st May 2020

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