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Terminology for Female Lower Urinary Tract, PF Function & Dysfunction Working Group - Apply Today!

Monday 26 Oct 2020 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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ICS, AUGS, IUGA and SUFU have created a partnership to produce a major core terminology report titled:
Terminology for Female Lower Urinary Tract, Pelvic Floor Function and Dysfunction. It is anticipated that through this collaborative relationship, high quality, globally accessible and internationally recognised and consistent terminology will be developed.

The existing terminology for LUT/PF dysfunction in women, incl. pelvic organ prolapse, anorectal dysfunction and sexual health, needs regular updates in a female-specific approach and clinically-based consensus reports. The original ICS/IUGA report was already published over 10 years ago. A new core report on female LUT/PF dysfunction is therefore required to; (i) incorporate all changes in LUT/PF knowledge and practice obtained in the last 10-12 years; (ii) achieve and exceed the overall clarity, specificity and coverage of the equivalent reports; (iii) prompt the development of follow-on reports.

Click here to Download Scoping Document


Authorship will be assigned in the following order – sponsoring organisation, and then all partnering organisations listed in alphabetical order. For this publication, it will be stated as follows: Joint Writing Group of the ICS, AUGS, IUGA, SUFU.
The final document will not make a reference to “sponsoring” or “partnering” organisations other than order of authorship, no distinctions between organisations will be made.

Individual contributors/writers/authors will be acknowledged in a dedicated Acknowledgement / Contributors Section.

Applications for Chair and/or Working Group Member positions

ICS, as sponsoring organisation, is now calling for Chair applications (1 position) for the project, as well as applications for Working Group members (3 positions). AUGS, IUGA and SUFU will call for and appoint working group members (4 per society) in line with each society’s internal procedures. Please note that joint society members should select one society only and apply via their website.

Applications are open to ICS members to join as either Chair or working group member. You must state in the survey whether you are applying to be Chair or Member (or both).

Applications are encouraged from all world regions in order to ensure a wide geographical representation for the working group.

Submission of Applications: Applications should be submitted via the following survey link. Please note, no additional information is required by the office.

Complete Survey to Apply

Deadline for Applications: Monday 23rd November 2020

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