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Watch our short video on the new ICS 2020 Online programme, highlighting all of the amazing features this years online event will offer!

ICS 2020 Online will include live and on demand abstracts, industry symposiums, debates and state of the art sessions. You can easily navigate between by clicking on either Live Programme or On Demand Programme, on the ICS 2020 website. You can also easily search for your preferred topics, using our search and filter tools on the programme page.

Don't worry if you can't make a live session or if you arrive late - simply click on the session, press play and you can start watching the presentation from the start. Our on demand programme is available for you to view any time, anywhere.

All ICS 2020 sessions offer the ability to comment - add your questions or comments here for the faculty to see and respond to. We will also offer voting on selective sessions - don't forget to submit your vote!

We look forward to seeing you at ICS 2020 Online!

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