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ICS 2020 Online Competitions - You need to be in it, to win it!!

Tuesday 10 Nov 2020 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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ICS is excited to announce the ICS 2020 Online competitions! We will be offering a range of competitions that delegates can take part in and just have some fun during the meeting:

  • Comment to Win
  • Photo Competitions
  • Exhibition Competitions
  • Best Abstract Presentation

Below are the details for each competition.

Comment to Win - Enter a comment or question in any session (live or on demand) each day and be entered into a prize draw for $100 Amazon Voucher. One winner per day. Picked at random by ICS staff. Winners will be announced daily.

Photo Competitions - We have two photo competitions available - ICS pets and ICS at home. Take a picture of you taking part in ICS 2020 Online with your pet, at home, in the office or wherever you are taking part from. Post on your chosen social media platform(s) (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), tag ICS into your post @icsoffice and use the hashtag - #ICSPets or #ICSathome The deadline for entries is 23rd November 2020. The ICS office will select one winner for each photo competition (pets and at home). The winner will receive a $100 Amazon Voucher.

Exhibition Competitions - Each exhibitor has their own dedicated social media image for you to share. Simply visit the exhibitors booth, have a chat to the staff and you will be provided with a copy of their image to share on your chosen social media platform. Simply upload that image, include in the text of your post 'I’ve visited (name of companies) booth' and tag ICS into your post @icsoffice using the hashtag #ICSMeeting. The winner will receive a $100 Amazon Voucher. Winners will be selected each day by the ICS office.

Best Abstract Presentation - Session chairs for all on demand abstract sessions will review the uploaded videos supporting your amazing research this year and will select the best presentation! Winners will be notified in due course, and certificates and congratulations will be awarded!

Just for Fun!
Join us on Friday, 20th November at 19:00 GMT for Friday Night at the Movies. Watch the best surgical videos selected by our own Scientific Chair, Howard Goldman. Howard wants you all to join in with your typical movie watching snacks. So whether its popcorn and a beer or a cup of tea with biscuits, we want to see what you are settling down with!

If you don't already follow ICS on your chosen social media platform, then why not follow us today!?! We will be providing updates, questions and announcements on these platforms during the ICS 2020 Online days. Check out the platforms here:


To take part in the competitions remember - Upload your image, tag ICS and use the specified hashtag to enter. You need to be in it, to win it!!

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