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Welcome to the ICS 2020 Online Meeting Platform

Tuesday 17 Nov 2020 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Watch our short video on the ICS 2020 Online Meeting Platform. This video highlights the amazing features delegates will see and experience at this years virtual meeting.

First you will need to login via the ICS 2020 Online meeting platform - your login details will be included in your welcome letter.

Once you enter the entrance lobby - you are now in the virtual platform! From here you can navigate the different features using the links shown in the lobby or simply click the top menu bar.

  • You can watch live sessions or on demand
  • Visit the produce theaters.
  • Visit the virtual exhibition hall.
  • There is a networking lounge for delegates to chat to colleagues and meet new people. Join group discussions and much more!
  • Access the CME accreditation information
  • You also have your own personal briefcase - where you can save the documents you have downloaded during the meeting.
  • We will also provide daily updates via the online notifications tab.

There is also a Technical support button, should you need any help during the online meeting.

Exhibition and Product Theaters

If you click on the Exhibition and Product Theaters button this will take you into our virtual exhibition center.

You can watch the ICS supporters' presentations in the dedicated product theater. As well as visit our virtual exhibition booths. Each exhibitor will have resources that you can add to your briefcase, as well as useful links to products and services. You can also submit an inquiry to the booth representatives, who will answer your questions direct to you. Pop by to discuss the latest devices and products for your patients!

Exhibitors will be live and available to chat during the following hours:

  • Thursday 19th November: 9.00am-10pm GMT
  • Friday 20th November: 1pm-10pm GMT
  • Saturday 21st November: 2pm-10.30pm GMT
  • Sunday 22nd November: 2pm-10pm GMT

Don't forget to share your experience on social media tagging ICS @icsoffice and using the hashtag #ICSMeeting

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