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S.I.G.N. U.P. – Survey of Inter-vesicle Gentamicin for recurreNt Urinary infection Problems

Tuesday 12 Jan 2021 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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If you are one of those clinicians whose heart sinks when you see yet another patient with recurrent UTI. Then please help us by filling in our short survey if you have ever used inter-vesicle Gentamicin.

Recurrent UTI is one of the most distressing problems for patients and difficult conditions to manage for clinicians. It is often managed, by repeat, or long-term “suppressive” oral antibiotics; both of which contribute to increasing antimicrobial resistance (AMR). There is now increasing published evidence for the effectiveness of inter-vesicle gentamicin and it also appears to reduce AMR.

This has led to many clinicians using inter-vesicle Gentamicin “off label” at their own risk. But there is no obvious consensus about how this should be used. How often it should be instilled? How long it should be retained? Or even what dose or dilution to use?

We hope to get a snapshot of how widely this is being performed across the world, by which clinicians and what protocols are being used; with the intention of publishing the data and suggesting a protocol of use so that it may become a recognised and licensed treatment allowing clinicians to freely offer it without fear of litigation.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this short survey, which can be found at:

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