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Apply today to host an ICS online education or ICS Global Neurourology Initiative in 2021

Thursday 09 Sep 2021 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS Education and Neurourology Promotion Committees are pleased to announce that applications are now open for online 2021 courses.

Education Committee

The ICS Education Committee has the mission of establishing links to relevant professional societies in countries served by the ICS. Our goal is to collaborate in multidisciplinary educational activities as online guest lectures or add-on courses at national or international meetings. The ICS can provide expert speakers in the topic areas you, as our colleagues, require.

The overarching strategy for the ICS educational courses is to provide high quality education, accessible, low cost education for younger professionals, to encourage and promote multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary education, to reach developing world audiences, and to promote the carefully crafted activities and mission of ICS.

Global Neurourology Initiative

New for this year! The Neurourology Promotion Committee is launching a virtual exchange programme - the ICS Global Neurourology Initiative.

This program is chiefly designed to serve the needs of countries with under-developed Neurourology clinical services. The lacuna could be owing to various combinations of economic, structural or technical limitations. Each geography is likely to present its unique set of challenges - many of which might be unfamiliar to the global community. Hence, this educational activity is designed as an ‘Exchange’ Program. We learn from our hosts regarding the specific Neurourology problems that they face and they learn from us applying ICS education to the clinical environment. Of note, this ensures mutual respect and will be much more acceptable to our potential hosts as compared with a program that aims to ’teach’ them material without consideration of context.

The program envisages the designation of a host country resource person as ‘Host Lead’. ICS will work with the Host Lead to design a programme of sessions covering key ICS terminology and good clinical practices. Sessions will be created and shaped in collaboration with the local hosts based on requirements for their members/delegates.

The applications for ICS courses is now online, you can quickly and easily submit your application via the online survey below:

Click Here to Submit your course application

The Education Committee will be meeting on the below dates to review all course applications:

  • 28 May 2021
  • 27 August 2021
  • 26 November 2021
  • 25 February 2022

Your application will be held until the next available date. Please contact the ICS Office: if the timescales will not work for your application.

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