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Tried and Tested Tricks to get your 2021 Abstract Accepted

Friday 16 Apr 2021 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Helen has some expert advice on how to increase your chance of getting your abstract accepted this year.

The following points have been created by the scientific reviewers themselves so you now know what they are looking for when they score your abstract!

  1. Read the submission rules! They are only 2 pages long and present key information.
  2. Lack of anonymity is automatic disqualification. Do not mention your name or the name of your clinic or university anywhere in your abstract text. This is the most common reason why abstracts are rejected...don't fall into that trap as its so hard to turn down great science because you mentioned your institution.
  3. The reviewers’ first score is for originality. If you’re presenting novel work, start the abstract with “this is the first….”or “this original…”.
  4. The next criterion is scientific merit. Your abstract must demonstrate your study to be scientifically sound.
  5. The methods of your abstract are scrupulously reviewed - make sure its a randomised trial or a well set up systematic review.
  6. Don’t split the results across several abstracts. Give absolute results and relative numbers.
  7. Ensure your conclusion responds to the question in your aims and is consistent with the results.
  8. Select the correct category and key words to ensure that your abstract is reviewed by someone in your discipline.
  9. For non-English speaking writers we recommend having your submission reviewed by someone who knows English well before submission.
  10. Make sure you use the correct and up to date ICS terminology. The use of obsolete terminology may cause rejection.

Oh...and make the title catchy and attention grabbing!!

Follow these steps to make the most of your submission!

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