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Book review: Diagnosis and Management in Patients with Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

Friday 21 May 2021 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Chronic pelvic pain (CPP) is defined according to International Continence Society terminology report as persistent pain lasting longer than 6 months or recurrent episodes of abdominal/pelvic pain, hypersensitivity or discomfort associated with elimination changes and sexual dysfunction often in the absence of organic etiology. Nevertheless analyzing various scientific societies, there does not seem to be an overall consensus on the definition itself of this burden emphasizing indirectly the complexity of what has been called a “subjective” phenomenon. Even though the lack of standardization in this field has always been the goal of ICS with the intent of improving diagnosis and treatment of patients affected (1), CPP still represents a great management challenge for healthcare professionals.

In this context the authors of this book, both renowned researchers in the field of pelvic pain have decided to give an all in one written contribution of their years if experience in research and treatment of this condition.

The first part of the book focuses on the description of the main aspect composing CPP or better pain. Through a thorough analysis of neurophysiology, pain types, possible etiologies focused to the pelvic floor it helps the reader acquire the basis required to understand better its complex mechanism.

Subsequently, authors decided to dedicate a single chapter of their work on one of the most important aspects or better the psychological considerations around CPP. Even though psychological guidance is recommended in all major guidelines, it is non rare to find this aspect lacking in management . Inserting it before any more “practical” point underlines the importance of this aspect and may appear as an input for professionals to right away propose psychological guidance right from the start to patients.

The rest of this textbook bears a more didactical structure defining the various types of pelvic pain syndromes based on the main apparatus which is interested ( prostate, bladder, vulvar etc etc ) , the various diagnostic work ups which are recommended and treatment options . The particularity lies in the dichotomic architecture of the text and the availability of many questionnaires ( for patients) synthetic guidelines charts, tables and treatment strategies which make of this book a small vademecum ready for rapid consultation and therefore very useful for every day practice in confront to larger text books.

Surely an interesting book to have in your scrubs pocket when you have to deal with such a complex problematic.

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Additional Information

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  2. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Diagnosis and Management in Patients with Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

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