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How to get noticed at ICS 2021 Melbourne Online

Tuesday 12 Oct 2021 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Want ideas on how to get noticed during the ICS 2021 Melbourne Online? Or how to boost engagement with your research?

Here are some ways to maximise your online presence and your research’s exposure.

  • Record a 30 second video to promote your research and post to social media. In your video provide an overview of your abstract and why it's important for people to read. You can also share related published research and explain how it adds to it your research.
  • On your individual abstract page, there are social media engagement buttons to automatically post your message and a link to your abstract page, on all popular social media sites. Make sure you use the hashtag #ICSMeeting and @icsoffice - so we can share and re-tweet. You can also use a button to quickly email the link to your colleagues and ask them to share too!
  • A range of branded social media images are available for download here which will make your posts stand out. Please share these on your chosen social media platform(s). Don’t forget to tag ICS into your posts @icsoffice and use the hashtag #ICSMeeting. ICS will share your posts with our followers – over 20,000 people worldwide!

Download Social Media Images Here

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