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Online seminar

Monday 22 Nov 2021 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS Institute, School of Modern Technology, we are organising an online seminar as part of the EuroSOMT project. EuroSOMT is EU ERASMUS project focused on standard simulation-based functional urologic surgery curriculum with using 3D medical printing and simulation technology. KU Leuven is one of the partners of the project. This seminar will be held in KU Leuven, Faculty of Medicine, Functional and Reconstructive Urology Department Seminar Hall.

For more detail about the EuroSOMT, you can visit the webpage:

We invite all ICS members to join for free. Pre-register by email to

Friday 26th November 08:00 CET


08:00 08:05 Introduction Frank Van De Aa
08:05 08:15 Research-Based 3D medical printing and 3D VR applications in Urology Emre Huri
08:15 08:25 Male Sling and AUS: How I do it and how I train it Frank Van De Aa
08:25 08:35 My experience of 3D modeling in Urology Ben Van Cheynenbrugel
08:35 09:00 Interactive discussion with 3D modelling and printing unit in UZ Leuven and EuroSOMT Team

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