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EuroSOMT - Join our LTT activities (funding available)

Monday 24 Jan 2022 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The School of Modern Technology: European Technology- Based Curriculum in Health Sciences (EuroSOMT) is a European Union project approved and granted by the European Commission as an ERASMUS+ strategic partnership project in the field of higher education, training and youth programme

EuroSOMT is the first European Hub for simulation-based curriculum in functional urologic surgery under umbrella of the ICS School of Modern Technology. Four leading universities and one urology society are involved, with a high respect in the field of education are included in the project; Hacettepe University (Turkey), KU Leuven (Belgium), Universita Degli Studi Di Perugia (Italy), International Continence Society (UK), Chosun University (South Korea).

EuroSOMT project consists of 4 intellectual outcomes; (a) Production of patient-specific CT-reconstructed 3D printed surgical models with using patient/cadaver radiologic data and standard cadaveric surgical models (b) Creation of Virtual /Augmented Reality Models and International 3D Standardization of Models (c) Establishment Appropriate Syllabus and Evaluation Forms for Students and Trainees (d) Web-based training module/e-Learning portal. The achievement of the project outcomes is totally related to the achievement of learning, training and teaching activities for creation standardized simulation-based functional urology surgical syllabus and curriculum with your active participation from various level of skills. We created procedure-based 3D printed simulators, VR simulators for your practical sessions.
Each participant can undertake functional urologic surgeries on these models. LTT has theoretical and practical sessions. We use patient-specific reconstructed 3D printed and virtual reality models for anatomic teaching purposes in surgical procedures.

On behalf of EuroSOMT Working Group, I would like to invite you to join LTT activities and experience the outstanding surgical experience within the scope of EuroSOMT.

Up to €890 in funding (for travel, transport, hotel, subsistence) is available for ICS Urologist member applicants to attend the first LTT event. This will be held in Ankara, Turkey over 20-24 April 2022.

Submit your application at this link:

The EuroSOMT team will review all applications and inform applicants of the final decision. Applications will be granted as suitable candidates apply so it is important you do not delay your application.

Additional Information

Please see the below future EuroSOMT events. ICS will call for members to apply for these courses in due course:

EuroSOMT, LTT - 2, 15-19th June 2022
EuroSOMT, LTT 3, 5-9th October 2022

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