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ICS 2022 Vienna: Amazing location, brilliant networking and the chance to learn

Thursday 04 Aug 2022 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Hear why ICS Nursing Committee Member, Lisa Krabbenhoft, is excited to attend ICS 2022 Vienna:

"It will be great to attend the conference again after not being able to the last two years. I know many people have been eagerly waiting to be able to attend again in person and the location for ICS this year is really an amazing location. I always tell everyone that the ICS conference is a great opportunity to meet people from around the world who work with individuals both in the clinical setting and in the community who need daily assistance with both bowel and bladder management.

I remember my first-time attending ICS and being very excited to meet some of the top nursing researchers in this field. I think it is important for all early career professionals and first-time attendees to know that all the presenters at the sessions enjoy sharing their knowledge and experiences. ICS is a great opportunity to meet new people, develop partnerships and gain knowledge in areas that interest you. I think it is also very beneficial and strongly encourage all early career professionals to attend the session offered on Wednesday (Early Career Professional Session). This is an opportunity to meet people from various backgrounds in a very relaxed fun environment. Hopefully, you will walk away for this experience with new friendships that you will keep throughout your career.

I am always very interested in hearing about the new products that are available and therapy approaches being used to help improve management of both bowel and bladder function. One area that is of great interest to me is on patient care and helping improve patients' ability to self-management their own care or health. The Nursing workshops have some great presentations focused on this area and will be very exciting to hear the work that is being done. Nurses play an integral role in helping patients or clients in their care and can be very impactful in how successful they are. The Nurses forum is packed full of speakers that have a lot of experience and knowledge in these areas. It will be great to hear about their current research findings and where the future research is needed. This is also a great opportunity for nurses and early career professionals to meet some of the leading experts in their respective fields. There are other sessions during the conference that also focus on this area, and I know that I will be sure to attend those also. Another benefit to attending these sessions is that there is always time to ask questions and many times there are great discussions that occur with many of the attendees."

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