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‘Urodynamics Under the Lens’ launches its first specialist video dialogue

Friday 05 May 2023 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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We are pleased to announce a new addition to ‘Urodynamics Under the Lens’, our video & podcast series that explores the role, benefits and optimal usage of urodynamics from the personal perspectives of a range of experts in the field. The first set of videos in the series aimed to address common questions, concerns and misconceptions about urodynamics in the style of investigative journalism.

Our new modular video features a dialogue between two specialists in neuro-urology: Ulrich Mehnert [Balgrist University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland] and Blayne Welk [University of Western Ontario, Canada] on the use of urodynamics in the neurogenic population, covering:

• The importance of urodynamics in neurogenic patients
• Urodynamic assessment in multiple sclerosis
• Explaining urodynamics to neurogenic patients
• Urodynamic evaluation of detrusor overactivity in neurogenic patients
• Urodynamic follow-up after botulinum toxin A treatment

We invite you to watch these two experts analyse and debate a number of important themes, unpack controversial points and share their own personal experiences and recommendations.

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As with all content on ‘Urodynamics Under the Lens’, this new video is accessible both to ICS members and non-members. Further specialist video debates for the series are planned.

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