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Expressions of Interest for Elected Positions

Monday 28 Jan 2013 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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This year we have several elected positions open for nomination in 2013:

Board of Trustees positions:
• General Secretary Elect (see below for details)
• Honorary Treasurer
• Trustee

General Secretary Elect is a position held for one year. Once that year is up the General Secretary Elect is then automatically appointed General Secretary of the ICS for two further years.

Elected Committee positions:
• Scientific Committee: Clinical Representative
• Scientific Committee: Physiotherapy Representative
• Scientific Committee: Nursing Representative
• Children’s Committee Chair
• Education Committee Chair
• Fistula Committee Chair
• Standardisation Steering Committee Chair
• Publications and Communications Committee Chair

For all of the above positions you will need to be nominated by two ICS members, as well as submitting the application form (links below) and update your membership record biography with my goals and initiatives should I be elected. All successful applicants will be subject to a vote by the ICS membership.

If you have any questions regarding nominations please email

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