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The Institution of Mechanical Engineers: “Incontinence: The Engineering Challenge IX”

Friday 15 Mar 2013 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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2 day Seminar, London - Brought to you by The Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Tuesday 5 November 2013 - Wednesday 6 November 2013


As Europe's leading seminar on engineering solutions to incontinence, this two-day seminar brings together engineers, clinicians, researchers, commercial designers and manufacturers, nurses, carers and users. As well as lectures featuring the very latest research and thinking, experts from outside the incontinence world will present technologies with the potential to revolutionise current practice.
The seminar programme consists of invited lectures and submitted papers. The main programme topics will include, but are not limited to:

-Recent work on technology to diagnose, treat and manage incontinence
-Limitations of existing technology and work to overcome them
-Initiatives to devise brand new solutions

If you work in this field and think others may be interested in your work or the technology you are developing, why not share your knowledge and expertise by presenting a paper or poster at this event? We are keen to attract speakers from industry and from the clinical world as well as from academia - and from any sector, provided the work to be reported relates to incontinence technology. International perspectives would be particularly welcome.
• First, produce an abstract of your proposed paper, of no more than 100 words
• Your abstract should be written in English, use 12-14 point font and include the paper title, your name and affiliations, and preference of paper or poster
• Send the abstract, with your full contact details, to Anissa Bensahih at, by 15 April 2013
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