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The Neuro-urology Promotion Committee was set up in 2004 by the strenuous efforts of Jacques Corcos, its first Chair. After Jacques became ICS General Secretary, Emmanuel Chartier-Kastler was nominated Interim Chair, after which I took over the Chairmanship in July 2009.

The aim of this Committee is to disseminate the knowledge of pathophysiology, diagnostic procedures and therapeutic interventions related to neuro-urologic conditions, and to assist centres requesting help in setting up, developing and promoting Neuro-Urology

ICS Fellowship in Neuro-Urology
The ICS Fellowship is restricted to candidates from developing countries. To more objectively address this, it was decided to use the World Bank Country List of Economies to select countries in the low-medium level income group.
The first fellowship in Neuro-Urology, in 2008, was successfully completed by Dr. Jianguo Wen, a urologist from China, during the period January-March 2009 in Montreal, under the tutorship and supervision of Jacques Corcos. On completion, he wrote a very detailed and enthusiastic report on his experience. The many activities in which he was involved included preparation of a manuscript which was submitted to the Journal of Urology. The final cost to the ICS of Dr. Wen’s fellowship expenses was around $1000 less than the amount allotted.
A new candidate for the 2009 edition of the ICS Fellowship in Neuro-Urology has just been selected, based on the relevance of his CV and motivation, by a sub-committee formed by six members of the NU Committee. The selected applicant, Emmanuel Braschi from Argentina, will start the fellowship in London on 1 March 2010, for a period of three months under the tutorship of Clare Fowler. The ICS will provide a grant for travel expenses, accommodation and per diem.

Draft Guidelines on Neuro-Urology are still undergoing revision among the committee members. It is hoped to finalise the process in 2010, following which it will be submitted to the Standardisation Committee for approval and publication.

Activities Planned for 2010-2012
In addition to co-opting new members, the Committee will undergo reorganisation, with assignment of single tasks to single members, formation of various sub-committees, and creation of ad-hoc committees or task forces to include other outstanding professionals in the scientific community. An example of these could be a Task force on Pudendal Neuropathy and a Task Force on Standardisation and Good Clinical Practice in neuro-physiological studies related to the pudendal nerve.
The activities planned will include at least some of the following:
Networking with Urological, Urogynecological, Neurological, and Spinal Cord Medical Societies in order to promote interest in Neuro-urology and give the ICS visibility as the natural habitat for this medical sub-specialty;
Creating a dictionary for medical terms used in neuro-urology;
Editing booklets at different cultural levels (in cooperation with the Publication Committee);
Designing Policy Statements on the subject, to submit to the Executive Committee for approval;
Cooperating with the Publication Committee to edit new Fact Sheets on subjects of interest of the Neuro-urology Promotion Committee;
Interacting in an ethical manner with industries involved in relevant products to the benefit of the neuro-urologic patient (with the guidance of the Ethics Committee).
While some of these tasks may seem overly ambitious, I have every confidence that all the members of our Committee will do their utmost.

By Francesco Pesce, Chair

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