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The Continence Promotion Committee-Growing in Leaps and Bounds

Sunday 10 Jan 2010 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Since its creation in 1995, the CPC has grown in leaps and bounds. There are presently 24 members on the committee from 16 different countries. Their backgrounds range from physicians to nurses to physiotherapists, medical writers, patient advocate directors, researchers, biomedical engineers among others.

The CPC last met at the ICS annual meeting in San Francisco in October 2009. The previous Chair, Diane Newman was thanked for her relentless work over the past six years. Dr Vasan Srini was welcomed as the new committee Chair and expressed his many new plans to improve communication and awareness of the CPC.

As such, four new sub committees were formalised:

  • The Funding Subcommittee
  • The Raising Internet Awareness Subcommittee
  • The Public Awareness and Education Subcommittee
  • The Communications and Administration Subcommittee

The sub committees will also be liaising with the newly formed ICS Fistula Committee, comprising of six members, to support their work, increase awareness and help create a link to the CPC and ICS.

By Frankie Bates

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