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ICS Wiki & Standardisation Steering Committee

Monday 24 Jun 2013 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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A new wave of definitions and standardisation of terms have just been added to coincide with the redesign of the Wiki. The new look makes it easier and clearer to navigate, and also brings it into alignment with the new design of the main ICS website.

The ICS Wiki is a resource for all people interested in urinary tract and bowel function and dysfunction. It draws together all terminology and other resources, giving current agreed definitions and providing a perspective on each term, and enabling all stakeholders to provide comment and participate in debate.

An innovative new feature of the new website is the integration of the Wiki into the search function. The search box in the ICS website now searches the ICS website and the Wiki simultaneously – bring up the latest news and events from the main website alongside results for the standardisation reports in the Wiki; giving you a fully comprehensive view. In one location.

ICS Office IT Director Dominic Turner interviews ICS Standardisation Steering Committee Chair Marcus Drake for ICS TV as they discuss:

  • The purpose of standardisation
  • History within the ICS
  • How the reports are created
  • ICS Wiki
  • And how YOU can get involved.

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