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2017 Voting Results

Wednesday 11 Dec 2013 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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We are pleased to announce the results of the voting for ICS 2017:

The annual meeting chair will be Giulio Del Popolo, and the meeting will be held in Florence, Italy from 10-15 September 2017.

Watch the successful bid video here, or download the bid document from the ICS website for more information.

Full results are shown below. Under Single Transferable Vote (STV) transfers the Florence bid won in the third round.

Giulio Del Popolo17529.9
Bülent Çetinel16928.9
Ruth Kirschner-Hermanns12621.5
Michael Halaska11519.7

To see the full calculation please click here

Congratulations to Giulio and we look forward to seeing you all in Florence in 2017.

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