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ICS member in Queen's New Year Honours List 2014

Friday 03 Jan 2014 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Congratulations to ICS member and former Committee Chair Professor Linda Cardozo (UK) who has been awarded an OBE for services to Urogynaecology and Women's Health.

An OBE is is an order of chivalry awarded by the Queen of England; it stands for “Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire”.

Linda Cardozo, Biography
Excerpt from the ICS History Book by Ted Arnold, Eric Glen, Norman Zinner

Linda did her initial research and training in urogynaecology with Stuart Stanton at St George’s hospital in London, from which she obtained an MD in 1979. She has been a prolific contributor to the ICS meetings since she first joined in 1977.

She established a research urogynaecology Unit at King’s College, London and has attracted a large number of post-graduate students who undertook theses under her tutelage. She has had a significant interest in medication trials, developed the well known and widely used King’s College Health Questionnaire relating to women with incontinence. She has been a co-convenor on the highly successful International Consultations on Incontinence with Paul Abrams, Alan Wein and Saad Khoury.

She is a Trustee of the Bladder and Bowel Foundation UK. She is on the Editorial Board of several international journals, and has published over 330 papers in the world literature on urogynaecology, and contributed in 122 chapters of textbooks on urogynaecology topics.

She has contributed enormously to the running of the ICS being a Trustee, and member of the Executive committee. She also initiated the ICS Education Committee and served as its inaugural Chair for 6 years. She has an international reputation and been a visiting professor in several countries. She has no second as a public speaker.

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