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Available ICS Committee positions for 2014

Thursday 16 Jan 2014 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The full list of committee, chair and Trustee positions that are open for application are detailed in this article

The following Elected Positions are open for nominations:
• ICS Board of Trustees x 5 positions
For the above positions please apply using the Trustee application form here

• Scientific Committee: Clinical Representative
• Scientific Committee: Non-Clinical Representative x 2 positions
• Ethics Committee Chair
• Nursing Committee Chair
• Neuro-urology Promotion Committee Chair
• Physiotherapy Committee Chair
• Urodynamics Committee Chair
For these positions please apply using the Elected position application form here

The following committee member positions are available for Expressions of Interest:
• Children’s Committee x 1 member (non-surgical)
• Continence Promotion Committee 1 x physio, 1 x patient advocate
• Education Committee Number of positions tbc
• Ethics Committee x 3 members
• Fistula Committee x 1 member
• Neuro-urology Promotion Committee x 3 members
• Nursing Committee x 4 members
• Physiotherapy Committee x 5 members
• Standardisation Steering Committee – 1 x Neurourologist, 1 x Care of the Elderly, 1 x Colorectal
• Urodynamics Committee x 2 members

For the committee positions please apply using the Expression of Interest application form here.

Deadline for all applications is 1st April 2014. For more information on any of the above positions please contact Polly Drew via email on or call 0117 9444 881.

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