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Please note that voting closes on 10th June 2014, at 23:45 GMT+1
Please do vote! This is another opportunity as an ICS member to have your say.

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Trustee positions
The first two votes are for positions on the Board of Trustees. These votes are carried out using the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system, see instructions below. This will be followed later in 2014 by a ratification voting round by Ordinary Resolution and AGM poll voting, in accordance with UK Company Law. Terms begin at the 2014 AGM on 23 October 2014.

Vote 1Trustee positions x 4
Vote 2Trustee position: Gynae/Urogynae representative

Committee positions
Committee Chair positions and elected positions on the Scientific Committee are confirmed via online vote only. Votes 3 and 4 have more than two candidates and must be conducted using the STV system (see below for instructions). Vote 5 has only 2 candidates so will be conducted by simple election. Terms begin at the 2014 AGM on 23 October 2014.

Vote 3Scientific Committee: Clinical RepresentativeSTV
Vote 4Urodynamics Committee ChairSTV
Vote 5Ethics Committee ChairSimple

From the website you will be able to vote and read further information about the candidates. You must be logged in as an ICS member to vote.

“Campaigning for ICS elected positions is not permitted by applicants or members. Any campaigning, be it positive or negative, will result in the disqualification of the candidate.” You can download the full policy here.

How to vote (STV)
When there are more than two candidates for a post a Single Transferable Vote (STV) is necessary - STV instructions are provided below.

  • On the left-hand side of the voting page you will see the names and pictures of the applicants nominated for the positions (the position title is at the top of each section, with a grey background)
  • Click on the person who you would like to select as your first choice, this will move their information over to the box on the right-hand side
  • You then click your second choice, again this will move that person’s details over to the right-hand side but their details will be placed underneath the 1st picture.
  • You continue to select the applicants based on your preference - please be aware that you do not need to select all applicants if you do not wish to
  • Should you incorrectly select someone you need to click on the red arrow (pointing to the left) in the applicants box, this will move the person’s details back over to the left-hand side

Click here to vote now!

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