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World Continence Week 23rd-27th June - "Put yourself in your patients’ shoes"

Monday 23 Jun 2014 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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This week is World Continence Week 2014, and alongside this year's focus "Bladder Diary Day" we have a host of supporters and volunteers across the globe taking part in activities to raise awareness for incontinence related issues. Below is the story of one UK Geriatrician who organised a day for health professionals to 'walk in their patients pads':

My name is Dipti Samani and I am a specialist registrar in Geriatric Medicine. For NHS Change Day 2014, myself and a few of my colleagues wore a continence pad for the day to put ourselves in in our patients’ shoes. We wanted to do this as geriatricians as we feel that continence is sometimes unfortunately overlooked in our patients and sometimes even seen as a ‘normal part of ageing’ – not least by some of our patients and their carers.

By wearing a pad for the day, I wanted to raise awareness about continence issues, and to get health professionals thinking more about this seemingly small problem that often has a big impact on people. We wrote about our experiences on the British Geriatric Society blog here.

By doing this again on a larger scale as part of World Continence Week 2014, we hope to get more people involved, so join in between 23-29 June 2014 and do your bit!

Twitter: @HmniDipti #WCW14

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