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New Elected ICS Scientific Committee Post

Thursday 05 Feb 2015 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS has always traditionally elected a local scientific chair as well as the annual meeting chairman from the host country of the ICS Annual Meeting. This has contributed to the distinctive local flavour of ICS Scientific Programmes and added vigour and energy to each year’s meeting.

It is however an increasingly arduous task as ICS receives ever more abstract submissions in our field and the number of State of the Art activities increases. With such a big job to organise the programme of the annual meeting and with the post changing hands every year there is less time to focus on long term strategic issues of the society and provide continuity.

For this reason as part of the strategic review the ICS Scientific Committee and Board of Trustees has created a new role within the committee of a permanent elected scientific chair to work in tandem with the local scientific programme chair. This will give equal standing with all the other ICS committees with an elected post with a mandate from the membership and a 3 year term. This will give science at ICS the representation it deserves while still allowing for the local scientific chairmanship that is the tradition of our society and at the heart of its unique meetings.

The ICS therefore calls for members to nominate candidates for the new ICS Elected Scientific Chair post by 1st April 2015.

For this post we will require 2 nominations from valid members and a full Curriculum Vitae. Experience of serving on the ICS Scientific Committee will be considered by the Nominations Committee.

Any questions please contact Nickie Robinson at the ICS Office:

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