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Derek Griffiths winner of the 2015 ICS Lifetime Achievement Award!

Tuesday 31 Mar 2015 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS Board of Trustees is delighted to announce that Derek Griffiths is the 2015 winner of the International Continence Society Lifetime Achievement Award. This award was created to honour an individual who has made a lifetime commitment and a lasting contribution to the advancement of science, education, clinical practice or public awareness in the field of continence.

Through a career of over 40 years in urodynamics, Professor Derek Griffiths’ work has been foundational in the scientific development of urodynamics. His application of physics to urology has been carried out in Exeter, UK; Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Alberta, Canada; and Pittsburgh, USA. Over 100 publications testify to his rigorous and careful approach to the measurement of bladder function, which include seminal developments in the field, including mathematical modelling, assessment of male prostatic obstruction and the use of functional MRI. To quote Adrian Wagg (ICS General Secretary) on the recent republication of his 1980 book, Dr Griffiths is “one of ‘the greats’ in the field. This textbook remains an essential resource.” That such a statement can be made of a 35 year old book in a rapidly developing technological context is a testimony to the depth of understanding and foresight characterised by Professor Griffiths’ work. He has exemplified the role of the clinical scientist, bridging clinical and technical fields with clarity of communication. He has contributed to several ICS standard documents, served on many editorial boards and his work remains a reliable foundation for scientists in the field today.

The Board will present this award to Derek at the Annual Meeting in Montreal later this year.

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