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Neurogenic Bladder Day in Florence a review by Giulio Del Popolo

Monday 20 Apr 2015 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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A successful “Neurogenic Bladder Day” course was held in Florence, Italy December 3-4 2014. It was organized by the ICS Neuro-Urology Promotion Committee and Prof. Helmut Madersbacher in collaboration with the Italian Society of Urodynamics (SIUD). The location was an ancient hotel in the center of Florence. There were two intensive full days of training and 114 practitioners attended. In the spirit of interdisciplinary teamwork, the auditorium was filled with urologists, neurologists, rehabilitation specialists, general surgeons and nurses.

Eight speakers, two of which were international guests, attended the event. After the opening remarks from the Chairman, Giulio Del Popolo, there was an introductory lecture from Professor Madersbacher who encouraged interest in Neuro-Urology. During the course there were 13 lectures covering neuro-pathophysiology, evaluation and treatment of neurogenic bladder and specific management in the setting of different neurological diseases. After two days of hard work, a plenary discussion was conducted by the faculty. Overall there was great enthusiasm and interest on the part of the attendees. This was confirmed by the evaluation results as well.

The Italian “Neurogenic Bladder Day” was made possible by several sponsors and the hard work of the local scientific secretariats, Stefania Musco and Vincenzo Li Marzi. We are greatly appreciative of the support from the DEFOE agency.

The Italian Neurogenic Bladder Day course was a successful opportunity for everybody to share experiences and opinions in order to improve the knowledge and the awareness in the Neuro-Urology field.

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