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How to apply for an ICS education course in 6 easy steps!

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The Education committee is currently comprised of 11 members worldwide including our Chair Ervin Kocjancic. This committee is busy overseeing all educational events related to the ICS strategy. This includes courses and workshops at the annual meeting as well as global events throughout the year in the form of educational courses within independent conferences/ congresses. Our mission is to provide accessible, low cost education for younger professionals; to encourage and promote multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary education; to reach developing world audiences and to promote the activities and mission of ICS.

The committee also reviews ICS Lectures at meetings, via the internet, develops educational materials and e-learning programs, which is certainly the way forward! We hope in the future to develop more education modules and webinars, as well as live broadcasting.

The who, what, where, when and why’s:

  1. Who can apply for an ICS education course? Anyone! As long as you are an ICS member you can request to host an ICS education course or lecture in your country.

  2. What type of courses can you apply for? The request can also be in the form of an “add on”, when an event or a course is added on to their regular general meeting, so is basically a joint venture. This could be an afternoon session through to a couple of days. Or a guest speaker which is usually slated within the main body of the meeting (similar to a keynote).

  3. Where? Anyone can apply to host an ICS course but we are keen to receive applications from developing countries and areas surrounding forthcoming ICS annual meeting locations.

  4. How do I apply? You can apply by submitting an application form and draft programme to Avicia at the ICS office

  5. What key information do we need to see? We need to know what type of event you will be hosting, how many speakers you require, if you have specific speakers in mind, how much funding ICS needs to provide and a draft programme.

  6. When do I need to submit this information? Ideally the education committee recommends that you apply 12 months before the course start date in order to process and advertise the course.

Once the office has received your application and draft programme this will be submitted to the committee for review. The education committee will then work with the local host to finalise the details if the event meets the committee’s strategic aims for that year.

Examples of forthcoming courses approved by the education committee are:

For more information please click here to download the Education Course Information and Guidelines.

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Education Course Information, Guidelines and application forms

Education Courses

Education Committee

Article by Frankie Bates on behalf of the Education Committee

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