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Update from Rio: ICS Physiotherapy Events at the Annual Meeting

Thursday 07 May 2015 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Physiotherapy was well-represented at the ICS Annual Meeting in Rio de Janeiro. There were four workshops chaired by physiotherapists and many other workshops with physiotherapy speakers. The workshops chaired by physiotherapy were: Innovative PT workshop: the door-to-door concept, Conservative management of Adult Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: a physiotherapy approach, Digital palpation to imaging: how should pelvic-floor-muscle evaluation tools influence physiotherapy practice, and Sexual dysfunction in women, men and those with neurologic illness and the impact of incontinence on sexual health. Posters and podium presentations featured many physiotherapy papers. The Young Investigators Award was given to the physiotherapist Vanessa Pererira Baldon (Brazil) for her research presentation: Relationship between low back pain and pelvic floor muscle function in young women.

The annual Physiotherapy Round Table in Rio de Janeiro was opened by the Chair of the ICS Physiotherapy Committee Helena Frawley (Australia). The Physiotherapy Round Table is an opportunity for physiotherapists, or anyone interested in physiotherapy, to network and enjoy presentations from researchers and clinical leaders. The Round Table program includes a variety of presentations and the opportunity to attend two workshops in the second half of the program. Dr. Frawley welcomed new members Rhonda Kotarinos, Cristiane Carboni, Rebekah Das and Peter Myers, and the co-opted members (for 12 months) Heather Moky, Adelia Lucio and Petra Voorham-zan der Zalm. Helena Frawley was thanked for her many years on the committee and her amazing work as Chair. Beth Shelly, Marg Sherburn, Stephanie Knight and Els Bakker will no longer be serving on the committee and were thanked for their commitment.

Marijke van Kampen (Belgium) and Jacqueline de Jong (Switzerland), Chairs of the Round Table, introduced the programme for the afternoon which included four scientific presentations: Electrical Stimulation and erectile dysfunction by Cristiane Carboni (Brazil), Perineal muscle stiffness in women with and without vulvodynia by Melissa Davidson (New Zealand), Effect of PFMT associated or not with hormonal therapy in postmenopausal women: preliminary findings of a RCT by Flávia Ignácio Antônio (Brazil); and Comparison of protocols for posterior tibial nerve electrical stimulation for the treatment of overactive bladder by Pierre Munick Linhares

The State of the Art Presentation: Consensus Statement on Improving Pelvic-Floor-Muscle-Training Adherence: final report from the 2011 International Continence Society State-of-the-Science Conference and research was delivered by Chantale Dumoulin, Doreen McClurg and Helena Frawley. The presentation provided a summary of the four papers and consensus statement from work on adherence and a meeting of experts that was held in Glasgow in 2011.

Interactive small workshops were then held with everyone having the opportunity to attend at least two. Workshops topics included: Male incontinence, Pelvic floor muscle training and breathing exercises, Vaginismus treatment with vaginal dilators, Neurological diseases and the pelvic floor, Postpartum voiding dysfunction.

The 14th Annual Physiotherapy Round Table will be held at the ICS Annual Scientific Meeting, Tuesday October 6, 2015/13:00-17:30.

The Physiotherapy Round Table is an excellent opportunity for PTs, or anyone interested in PT to network, enjoy presentations from researchers and clinical leaders, and most of all have fun. The preliminary program includes a variety of presentations and the opportunity to attend two workshops of your choice.

Pre-registration to this session is required at the cost of USD$20. Spaces are limited so please register early.

You can access the full program here shortly:

This year’s state of the art speakers will be:

1.Professor Sophie Bergeron, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Montreal
Presentation : Psychosocial aspects of vulvodynia: From etiology to treatment.

2.Professor Serge Marchand PhD, Department of Neurophysiology, Université de Sherbrooke
Presentation: Mechanisms of neuropathic pain.

3.Inge Geraerts PhD,Department of Neuromotor rehabilitation, KUL
Presentation: Pelvic physiotherapy in men after radical prostatectomy.

Article by Cristiane Carbonion on behalf of the Physiotherapy Committee

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