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ICS introduces position statements on innovative products and equipment

Monday 11 May 2015 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Over the past few months it has become apparent that the ICS brand has considerable value for manufacturers and suppliers of continence products and urodynamic apparatus.

With this in mind, and the need to diversify our income streams in line with ICS strategy I should like to set up a health technology assessment type mechanism so that we can produce evidence-based ICS position statements on innovative new products and equipment.

We have opportunistically commissioned Julia Herbert, one of our physiotherapy members to produce an evidence synthesis on a new product for faecal incontinence and to produce an ICS position on that product. Click here to view this article.

I should be grateful for any feedback from members about this type of process. Should there be a favourable response I will then go to the Board in order to set up a mechanism for production of such things along the lines of a rapid evidence synthesis group.

Please click here to provide your feedback.

I have already discussed with Peter Rosier the chairman of the urodynamics committee how this might be done for urodynamics equipment.

Article by Adrian Wagg on behalf of the Board of Trustees

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