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Innovative Basic Science programme announced for ICS 2015

Friday 19 Jun 2015 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS Scientific Committee has developed an innovative dynamic programme at ICS 2015 to broaden the experience of researchers in the ICS and to promote interactive discussion and networking.

There will be thematic interdisciplinary sessions with a focus on sensation. Translational research will be highlighted and there has been an increase in the variety of the experiences through different formats. The committee have integrated the workshops and symposia within the programme to complement the themes and tracks of different disciplines.

International experts include:

  • Scott Hultgren
  • Jalesh Panicker
  • Lori Birder
  • Anna Malykhina
  • Fernando Cervero

In addition to scientific abstract presentation sessions dedicated to research experimental model and molecular mechanisms, we have the following innovative basic science programme:

Tuesday, 6th October

W7 Tissue Engineering Therapy of the Lower Urinary Tract — The Potential and Hurdles

Wednesday, 7th October

Thursday, 8th October

Friday, 9th October

The ICS is also pleased to announce and extended Oral E-Poster Presentation just for researchers.

The Scientific Committee looks forward to welcoming delegates to ICS 2015 in Montreal!

Article by Lysanne Campeau on behalf of the Scientific Committee

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