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Cadaver Workshop May- What did you miss?

Tuesday 07 Jul 2015 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Watch the latest video by the ICS office on the recent Joint ICS-London Medical Academy Cadaver Workshop.

This was the first joint ICS-London Medical Academy Cadaver Workshop. The course provided delegates with a unique opportunity to learn the theory of surgeries including a session on legal medical concerns. Delegates then had the opportunity to practise the theory conducting surgeries on cadavers under the supervision of Dr Ervin Kocjancic.

Webcasts from this event will be coming soon! Subscribe to ICS TV and receive notification when the latest videos are available!

The next course will be held in December. The programme will cover:

  • Medical Legal Session
  • Anatomy Overview
  • Continence Surgery Overview
  • Incontinence Procedure- videos, model simulation, SIU tapes
  • Prolapse Surgery Overview
  • Cadaver Labs

ICS members receive a discount when registering for the course!

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Additional Information

For more information on the course or to register click here.

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